Thursday, November 27, 2008

Without Further Delay...

... Tea anyone?

MmmKay... well it looks about 500,000x better in person... Seriously it looks all cute and cozy and tea like. Here it looks like a white table with ugly chair pads. Not so. It's not quite done yet either, the frames aren't all filled yet, a mirror is going above that stool on the right and to the left behind that wall is a fireplace covered in cuties. There's also a big tall window beside that. If I get my vintage cabinet it'll go under those frames.

I wish I had the before pictures, I just took dining room pictures last week and they got deleted off the camera because I figured 'When am I ever going to need these?!' Good one. It's not that it looks so much better as it just looks so different.
Here's the photo wall up close. Those are both mine and Mr. Pretties' family. It's totally not done and I will paint that frame at the top ;)

How great is this chair?! Could it be any crappier, chippier, or old? I think not! It's actually the only one like that, the other two are plain. Can't you just picture some farmer sitting on it having his grits and a biscuit?!

I'm going to leave this post at that. I'm still having Kijiji issues and it's making me almost not want to deal through the site anymore, I think there are a lot of safety flaws. It's way too easy for someone to have multiple accounts with multiple names and if you say no to an offer they can email you from the other and get your address, etc... and show up anyway. No thanks.

I just scrolled back up, I cannot believe how crappy that picture looks. I think it's our crappy camera and it's wussy 6mp resolution or what it is. Trust me, IRL it looks cute. Real cute...

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  1. I can tell it's super cute! You are totally making me want to go antique-ing! In fact, I have some of my great great grammies old furniture in my extra garage I need to pull out. You just reminded me!

    Love that chair!


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