Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Could I Order A Dish of Peace...

... With a side of quiet?


Today was just one of those days. Seriously.

I don't even have any funny left to discuss in some kind of humorous way. I'm fresh out of funny just now.

*Electrician that I did. not. know. was coming showed up at 7:45am this morning. This does not make me happy.

*Electrician makes 10 holes in my freshly painted kitchen in order to fashion an additional outlet we do not require.

*Electrician trashes and monopolized my kitchen from 8am-6pm, resulting in me becoming highly annoyed. And they get to come back again tomorrow.

*Electrician asks if they're inconveniencing us today by being there... Uh... of course not, doesn't everyone love trying to feed three kids and a husband in a kitchen full of ladders/tools/fallen plaster/dust/men/etc... ?

*LPs utilize their nap time to pull all clothing from dressers

*LLP throws litter out of the cat box. This would have severed my last nerve. If I still had one at this point.

*Mr. Pretties decides we need to erect the Christmas tree, the real Christmas tree. Swearing and cursing ensued.

*I have The Laryngitis. Thus, I have no voice. Do you know how hard it is to use your mommy voice when you no longer have one? On top of that, the kids think it's a riot? I could not cut it as a mute, it provokes rage in me like no other.

*The Fonz has eaten something that is causing him to foam at the mouth. At this point in the day I don't even care...

Needless to say, the LPs have been hauled to bed two hours early (They go to bed late, so I'm not being mean), the house is reassembled, my voice is shot, and I hear the bath tub calling my name, in addition, in the words of Mamalicious 'I think I need a beverly...'.


  1. I hope everything is much better tomorrow. I hate having workmen in the house. They are always messy and usually ruin something while they are there.

  2. ick. I hate days like that. Hope you got to enjoy a nice bath and that tomorrow is a little less hectic!


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