Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Name Is Jenn...

... And I'm an old furniture-a-holic...

*Hi Jenn...*

*Jenn, is there anything you'd like to share with the group today?*

'You know Pam, I think there is. My husband sent me to this group to seek out the support of people with the same type problems as me an-'

*Jenn, old furniture hording is not a problem, it's simply a personality quirk that you have to work to control*

'Oh Right, I know that, totally not a problem at all. To me anyway. This week alone I've tried to talk my husband into allowing me to purchase the following:'

Antique Black Dress w/o Mirror (I have a twin to this) that I've convinced I could find an appropriate mirror for ($45):

Antique Hutch/Server w/peeling veneer. Bowed front glass. I think it would be fabulous stripped, painted antique white w/glass knobs ($55):

And atleast 10 other items that there are no longer pictures of. Notice the prices are quite reasonable. Also notice that I am not a driver. If I were I would not be discussing these purchases with Mr. Pretties prior to bringing them home. As it stands though, Mr. Pretties must consent to go with me to pick these items up, and, well, if he thinks we have too much furniture, no room, or something entirely ridiculous like that, then I lose.

Part of our problem is, say, take the server. Our conversation mostly goes like this:

Me: Mr. Pretties, check out this server, isn't it fabulous?!

MP: Uh... it's all chipped and it's that veneer that you don't like...

Me: *Dramatic sigh* I know that, it would need to be stripp-

MP: When do you have time to strip it?! Where are you going to put it while it's being done?! Do you know how to strip furniture because I don't!

Me: Ofcourse I know how (I could look it up, ask the landman, sand it all off... whatever) and I'd find time, it could go in the basement for now.


Me: So?

MP: I'm going outside to have a smoke. Please don't talk to me about servers anymore.

Me: Whatever (We will be discussing this later my friend... you just wait...)

Is it my fault we have ten pieces of antique furniture in our 10x10 dining room and can't walk in it? Okay, it probably is, but I plan to have a big house one day, so it's totally acceptable. If only Mr. Pretties could 'see' things the way I do before we purchase them then he could see how that server would make a marvelous shabby chic piece and would be all over it for a mere $55. He lacks imagination though. Now if I told him I could buy it, strip it, paint it, flip it and profit $100 - $150 he'd be all over it. Men.

By the way, the black desk/vanity (I think we decided it was a vanity) has now found it's forever home :) I know someone would love it, that's exactly why I rescued it from the thrift shop and slapped on a new coat of paint and performed sticker removal, so it could be all purdy for it's new owners.

I'm sweet like that.

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