Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dearest Santa...

I've been a very good girl this year, well, except for that time... oh, yeah, and then there was that time... okay, okay let's not get into that just now. We all know I was mostly good this year. No Santa, it is not bad to buy an old piece of furniture and tell Mr. Pretties I paid way lots less for it than I actually did. That's called the healthy approach to a happy relationship. Honestly, you should try it! Does Mrs. Clause know how much you paid for that red suede and white mink suit? Huh?! Uh huh, that's what I thought...

Moving right along here... For Christmas I would like:

1. Sony eBook Reader
2. Sony eBook Store Gift Card - Unlimited Please
3. One Pink NetBook. I'm not picky on brands or anything, so long as it's pink and will surf the net in true WiFi style I'm good to go.
4. An email from someone who'd love nothing more than to adopt a cat that likes to randomly pee everywhere. You know, because I sort of can't deal with this anymore... Help a girl out here!
5. An antidote for the 'Ass Kicking Eeyore' disease Mr. Pretties seems to have caught and can't rid himself of.
6. A straight jacket for LLP. It's for her own safety, obviously.

That is all. Merry Christmas Santa, and keep an eye out for your cookies and beer, I'll leave them beside the fireplace. Oh and sorry about the cheap beer, but you know, Mr. Pretties works at the brewery and that's what we get. I know, I know, slim pickings Santa, but I'll bake the cookies myself ;)

Thanks Santa.

Love, Jenn

Ps. I snatched that picture because at first glance it was cute... now it's kind of afraid, it looks like he's going to choke the sleeping little ones... Nice one Santa... Geez...


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