Thursday, December 18, 2008


Did you know there's such a thing as a NetBook? Not a NoteBook computer, no no, a NetBook Wifi Computer. And if you were aware of this piece of totally cute technologies existance why didn't someone inform me?

I was all browsing the flyers this afternoon as Aunt Pretties has the two LPs for the afternoon and I found myself having five minutes to myself. So as I was browsing I came across the Staples ad. That's about as exciting to me as the Sobey's ad. Yippee. Total sarcasm by-the-way. But, I saw what I thought was a cheap notebook (I'm trying to talk Mr. Pretties into purchasing one so I can utilize our WiFi net capabilities, furthering my steps to moonlight blogging) and as I look closer I discover it's a NetBook. A computer specifically for the net! Have I ever told you that that is all I use my computer for? I never use it for word processing or the like because this computer is garbage, I do all that at Aunt Pretties. My favorite part? This:

It comes in pink. It's small, pink, and it can allow me to blog, research, and email. Fantastic. That's all I need. Now from my pitance of knowledge on the PDA horizon, this is really not any different than, say, a Black Berry, but for some reason I just want it 5,000 times more. Maybe it's because it's pink. I just think this is so cool. In two days I've come across two pieces of technology that would improve my life ten fold. I suppose I could read ebooks on my Netbook, but come on, who wants to miss out on the whole eInk experience? Surely not I.

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