Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How Does This Stuff Find Me?

Mr. Pretties, The LPs and I were taking a drive this evening. It also happens to be garbage night (these two events are not related btw) when we drove past this at the curb:

It's a piece of architectural salvage. From what? I have no clue. Ofcourse I asked Mr. Pretties to turn around, and pull over on a main road so that I could take a closer look. Arc. Salvage is huge around here, I think I may save myself the hassle and just sell it right to a dealer. It is heavy as sin, my. god. I lifted it and then started laughing because it was so ridiculously heavy, which made it all the more worse because ofcourse now I'm going to drop it while trying to get it into the Buick and dent Mr. Pretties car, then thinking that made me laugh harder. It did infact get into the trunk though with no major incidences. Who picks this stuff up? Honestly?

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