Saturday, December 13, 2008

Locked In...

... The bathroom.


As I was waking up from my nap I heard the tell tale sounds of someone locked in the bathroom.

*Turn, turn, turn-turn-turn-turn *
yank, yank, yank-yank-yank-yank*
*Damn it!*

Followed by Mr. Pretties telling LLP to 'go get Mommy'.

Sure enough, Mr. Pretties has some how managed to lock himself in the bathroom. Uh huh. In his defense the bathroom lock is finicky, to say the least. So it was single handedly my job to get him out. We throw out all metal coat hangers so that wasn't an option (We will save one token one from now on), no nail was long enough, Mr. Pretties doesn't allow me to keep ice picks in the house, for various reasons ofcourse...
So, we had the following discussion through the door.

Mr. Pretties: Go downstairs and look for a coat hanger or something...

Me: Sure, I'll be right back. *Walks to computer, sits down and surfs Kijiji. Walks back bathroom door* Nope, no coat hangers down there!

Mr. Pretties: *&^%$)! Okay, can you slip a knife under the door?

Me: You're going to kill yourself just because you're locked in the bathroom? Don't you dare, I can't wrangle these three solo -


Me: Okay, okay. Jeez... *Get self a drink... check on LBP who's nap was undisturbed... take some Tylenol... grab butter knife fling it under door* Here you are my sweet!

About 30 minutes later a knob, accompanied by a broken door knob, emerged from the bathroom prison. I have to say I was more than a little disappointed... Kidding... Mostly...

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  1. That was hilarious! I am glad you eventually helped Mr. Pretties to get out. Did you enjoy his brief jail time?


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