Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm Sorry...

But how did I not know these rabbit existed?

Do you see how enormous it is?! It's a Flemish Giant Rabbit meaning it weighs upwards of 18-22lbs. For a little perspective check this out:

K? Yeah, it's the same size as that Collie. Oh. My. God. It could babysit the LPs!
Now how, you ask did I come across these monstrosities? Very simply, and accidentally, much like Garfield (The Fonz) and Cheddar. It's Kijiji's fault. Once in a while I happen to check out the 'live stock' section, you know, incase there's any pygmy goats or chickens for sale. You know, because I'm convinced that we're moving out to the country and we'll be able to have these things. But do you know what's better than wee goats and chickens? A giant rabbit. A breeder will have them ready in time for the spring. Can you imagine if the LPs got one for Easter?! Can you imagine how furious Mr. Pretties would be?! Maybe it could keep the cats in line. Or something. Apparently they can be litter box trained completely and don't really need to live in a cage at all. Except that I'd be worried about chewing wires and such.
I just cannot get over how huge they are. They're supposed to make fab pets (although the breeder is selling them for food since they reach up to 20+lbs) and are known as 'gentle giants'. The kids would be beside themselves with an enormous rabbit! Think how much money I'd save of chocolate this year? Hollow ducks? Who needs them!
Okay, okay. We all know who really wants the big bunny.


  1. Wow! We used to raise rabbits when I was a kid, I think at one point we had a couple of Flemish Giants, but they never got that big!

    You may want to check out the American Rabbit Breeders Association website, it has tons of info about the different breeds - there are soooo many!

  2. Those bunnies are huge! I've seen big bunnies at the fair and they always have a sign that they bite....YIKES!!!

    I hope to slow down a bit after this week. Between my full-time job with the University and my part-time job at the Community College, the beginning of the semester is always busy. The b-day cake will hopefully be better than last year's snowman cake. I'll post pics when I get it done. I haven't used my decorating tips in years so I am nervous about that.

  3. OMG Hysterical my dog would have fun playing with that! Are they in USE!? I have a blog award for you on my blog!

  4. I want one of those.They are also very pretty.What a shame its raised for food.I can't bare the thought.I wonder if they get along with peafowl?I'll be lookin into these gentle giants.Hugs Marie Antionette

  5. dude. Those are rad. I seriously want one now too.

  6. Oh, That is Awesome!!!
    I want, I want!!! LOL


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