Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Brain...

...Feels like it is bleeding. I think perhaps I'm allergic to this -21 weather we're having. Or something. But bleeding brains aren't necessarily conducive to original posts. Not that a non bleeding brain is either. Or atleast mine in that case.
I'm not so much enjoying my Ebay trial right now. I hate answering 52,000 shipping questions, I hate having to package and ship things, and mostly I hate getting rid of things. Is there a way I could not answer questions, not have to package and ship, not get rid of anything but still have people deposit monies into my paypal account? Legally? Probably not, eh? It just doesn't feel like it's even worth the profits right now. Maybe because I'm tired and need to go to bed.
I think my headache is making me cranky instead of candy coated pink fluffy bunnies with sprinkles and sparkles today. I hate it when I'm cranky Mr. Pretties would tell you I am more often than not, but clearly he lies, he's just jealous of my rainbow unicorns and candy floss personality. Obviously. Have you noticed I've used the word hate more times in this post than the entire blog put together? Maybe we'll do a link share instead of ranting, mmmkay?
Need a neat group to view antiques, sound out selling ideas, get info, or whatever? Visit:
for the US and
for Canada, although the US board is far more active.
This is a blog not on my sidebar list, but she totally cracks me up, she's got a unique and totally me sense of humour (you'd never know it from the blog, but our personalities are very similar, it's scary.)
And the ever popular Clever Girl for some light reading
Enjoy and Goodnight (The Pretties can bed themselves can't they?)!
*Yes I see that this post is all jammed together. Thank Blogspot for sucking. I don't have the brain power to be editing the HTML right now like I usually do. Everyone thank Blogspot.
Unison: Thanks Blogspot... (Married With Children Style)

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