Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Welcome to White Wednesday #1

Good afternoon gals! Hopefully it’s a good one wherever you’re popping in from, it’s pretty grey and drizzly over here in Southern Ontario, so not so good on our home front!

Today we’re going to partake in Faded Charm’s White Wednesday (#15 for them, #1 for us here at The Pretties) posting, which I lurve because in the last few months not much in our house is anything but white ;)  Mr. Pretties says it’s like living in a hospital… Erm… I guess that could be so, if hospitals are now sporting chippy lead paint laden items, which I doubt they are.  Honestly, after all these years, he still doesn’t get it ;)

So on with the show we will! 


An old shabby birdcage, no bird lives here, but it’s so fun to have around the house, I think it’s lived in every room atleast once.


The detail on the columns holding up our cozy verandah, flaked with dirt and perfectly crazed white paint…


An old vintage rocker waiting for someone to come over and take a seat… in the mean time it will keep company with what’s left of this seasons flowers…


What used to be white, is now yellowed with age, old vintage love songs faded with time…


Weathered paint like this can’t be reproduced, one seasons of hard Ontario winters and summers filled will children’s comings and goings can give this kind of sweetness…


Rows of luscious vintage linen pillowcases with some of the most wonderful crocheted lace and lovingly embroidered hems, how delish to have them out drying on the line, collecting it’s warm rays…


And lastly, an old depression era dresser patiently waiting for the return of it’s hardware and mirror after it was given a new leash on life, soon she will be up for sale to live out her days in the adoration of others…

Happy White Wednesday!!!




  1. I'm loving all your whites today. I'm so glad you joined in. Do you want me to add your name to my list of participants on my sidebar? Let me know.


  2. Jenn, I really love all the photos on your WW post. I love the chippy screen door. Heck, I love it all. I hope to see you for a second WW post.

  3. Love your whites. The green floor is fabulous.
    You lucky girl finding all of those old windows. Can't wait to see what you do with them.
    Isn't this dull weather the pits. I'm looking forward to sunshine and golden/red leaves. Maybe this Sunday. Yes, I live in the flower city of Brampton. Isn't that a nice way of putting it.
    Have a wonderful day!


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