Monday, October 5, 2009

Junkin’ Monday…

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Courtesy of Nice and Easy Antiques at the Cottage Charm and Family Inspiration blog, we’re going to start doing Junkin Monday!

How are all you gals doing this morning?  Hope you all had a very fall weekend and maybe did some treasure hunting as we’re all want to do?  Hopefully your Sunday’s weather was more cooperative than ours ;)  Sunday couldn’t decide between warm and sunny, or freezing with torrential down pours…  naturally as we pulled into the parking lot (field?) at Aberfoyle to visit our friends who were selling that day, it decided on freezing with torrential down pours…  Oy vey!

Southern Hospitality is done Thrifty Treasures Monday for this season, so I think we’re going to do a ‘before and after’ thread, except that I don’t have the real before pictures, so we’re going to do a ‘almost done and after’ posting instead ;) Hopefully that works for you all. 

We picked this depression era dresser up about eight (!) weeks ago and while it has lots of beautiful detailing, it also had lots (and LOTS) of thick glossy orange paint with an over coat of thick, drippy brown oil paint. Yum. The top needed to be chipped off, one inch at a time, no amount of sanding or stripper would do it (hey there, get that head out of the gutter! and believe you me, if I could find a stripper who could have stripped that puppy faster I would have!).  So after many man hours spent chipping, stripping, sanding, and several good coats of a very adhesive primer, we ended up with this little girl who showed her face on White Wednesday:


After this week did a few more light sandings, then added a couple coats of a custom blended antique morning cream high resistance paint, varnished the top with a satin varnish (non shiney), gave the entire body and mirror a hand rubbed coat of paste wax to absorb damage, and lined the top two drawers with sweet 1940’s sheet music love songs, and sealed them (c’mon folks, we don’t need to be sporting love songs on our knickers now do we?) up.




  Now this sweetheart is read to begin her new life somewhere else (or in my dining room… since we’re pretty partial to her… she can stay if she doesn’t meet anyone’s fancy on Kijiji)


I kid you not, Mr Pretties and I, and the three LPs all cram into this room to eat supper each night, the ambiance is so much nicer than the kitchen table.  Drop leafs are a god send when your dining room (closet?) has a space deficiency ;)

So what were you all up to this weekend, do tell! Are you fortunate enough to live in an area that has year round garage sales? Oh how I would love that (along with year round warmth and sunshine… and lack of snow…).

In addition, while walking home from school with the LPs this afternoon I spotted an old wooden vintage dollhouse.  In the trash.  And I scooped it up. In broad day light. With my children present.  Oh, and I’m not ashamed…  We’ll talk about that on White Wednesday, or maybe Junkin’ Monday next week ;)

Thanks for stopping by MMPretties, can’t wait to poke around blogland today to see what’s what with all of you :)




  1. Hi JEnn! So glad you joined today. Your dresser is wonderful and the doll house sounds great! Some of the estates sales around here are just like the ones you mentioned minus the food! sometimes they are ridiculously expensive... but lately we've been lucky!! We hope you join us every Monday. Have a great day,
    Clara & Marcela

  2. Hi Jenn,
    I just can't believe what you were able to do with this piece! Great job. Thank you for sharing on this great junkin Monday.

  3. Wow, what an incredible amount of work you put into that dresser--good for you! It turned out beautiful.

  4. The dresser looks fabulous - I love that style. I would have scooped up the dollhouse, too!

  5. Found you through Flea Market Style Links...Beautiful dresser! I would love to see a before photo...

  6. The dresser is beautiful. worth the effort, I'd say.

  7. What a beautiful dresser! It was so nice of you to rescue it and give it a new home.

  8. Beautiful piece! I wish your Junkin' Monday well! I'll have to check it out! :)

    Thanks for linking up to my party at

    Funky Junk Donna


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