Wednesday, October 7, 2009

White Wednesday

Happy wonderfully white Wednesday friends! With another round of  Faded Charm’s White Wednesday I’m going to share some of my favorite white kitchen inspiration that I’ve collected here and there.

One of the sweetest vignettes from HGTV I am so in love with that bird, those books, and the rust old box behind it all.  What is it about these worn and rusted pieces that just feel so cozy?


I am so sorry, but I can’t find the sites I got these from, I tried retracing my steps (aka Googling Shabby/Distressed/Antique Kitchen images) so if anyone knows please let me know so I can link them up :) 

But truly, how adorable is that pink enamelware paired up with chippy white and cream? Yum! This photo is courtesy of Country Living, which is just one of my guilty pleasures.


Those cupboards I love more than is natural for any living thing to love an inanimate object.  Seriously.  Mr. Pretties would drop dead if he came home to cupboards like that, but they make me swoon…

Shabby Chic Kitchen - Coastal Living

This is such a fabulously eclectic mix, that old scuffy farm table paired with antique balloon back chairs, married to pink chandies, french throw pillows, and even some mod fruit baskets.  This all works so well, it’s eye candy to the max.


Look at that sink.  Are you absorbing it’s fabulousness? Talk about a time saver, when you’re done washing the dishes, you can hope in and take a bath! Kidding. Sort of.  And check those old glass cupboards? There is nothing I like better than those old glass cupboards with the latches, they’re just so sweet and wonderful, nothing can beat that.  Of course then we’d have to stop allowing clutter to accumulate in our cupboards.  Does anyone else have that problem or is it just us?

322 Terrace 018

And for the most wonderful touch of childhood white whimsy click that little square of sweetness above to visit the rest of Sophie’s playhouse at Restyled Home if you haven’t already.  Not only do I want to get the LPs one,  I want two for myself. *Love*

And lastly, if you’d like to see an amazing house make over from shabby (bad) to white, elegant and wonderful, pop over to The Old Painted Cottage, it’s delish, you wont regret it!

So I’m going to get on my way now and see what other white treasures are out there this morning! I’m sure you girls have put on another wonderful show again today, chock full of inspiration ;)




  1. This was an awsome post, thanks for sharing. Was that milk glass holding those napkins?

    come visit me-cindy@stitches

  2. I recognize the second picture from a blog but I can't remember who's it is! I've also seen it in a magazine.

  3. First time I've been here on WW...I love the mix of the refined and tattered! Nice pictures!
    My Best

  4. Jenn, I just love the images on your post today. I love the look of shabby with new. In my with shabby.

  5. Hi Jenn,
    love your WW post. First time i visit your blog and know for sure will coome and visit again. Love your taste for shabby and vintage as I love vintage and shabby chic decor myself. Adore antique hunting, junking, laces and linens, precious tea and coffee sets and roses.
    I'll be happy if you decide to come and visit me @
    Love visits and love reading thoughts.


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