Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tattered Tuesday

How’s it girlies? Everyone get themselves a get themselves a cup of a cozy beverage this morning? I hope so, I’m certainly enjoying this spot of tea on this rather chilly morning!

So… a few weekends ago Mr. Pretties and I attended the Christie Antique show – which is big guns in Ontario.  For whatever reason we’d never attended before (could it be because the idea of taking the three LPs to an antique show garners images of small raging bulls in a very small china shop?) but this year the stars aligned and we were on our way!  To be honest, the enormity of it is a little over whelming.  But it was pretty amazing, so many birds of a feather, some unique and wonderful curiosities!  I took my camera with the full intentional of photographing everything in sight to share with you, but the weirdest thing happened, when I got there and got out my camera I felt completely awkward and like everyone in the entire conservation area was starring at me and thinking ‘she can’t possibly think it’s okay to take pictures here, can she?’

So I casually snapped this one photo, but to my chagrin I couldn’t get cloes enough to the owner to find out a name of this booth or the shop it came from, it had SUCH lovely stuff, even half way through the show!  She the most darling little tiny leather baby shoes from 1909 that I was tempted to buy, but didn’t, because then I’d have to explain to Mr. Pretties why I spent $20 on two 2” craps of worn leather.  I wasn’t in the mood that day, remember, overwhelmed (and frequently overwhelm causes migraines).  So this is the one photo I took:

Camera Pictures 001

It was just so romantically shabby and delicious!

One of the first booths we stopped in at Christie was the booth owned by Tattered and Torn (not the song by Slipknot, either) She’s at both Christie shows each year as well at the Southworks Antique Mall in Cambridge, Ontario.

Here are some of her photos of items she had at Christie this year that’re just yummy!






And just as an FYI, this is what my retirement looks like:


That right there gals, it my dream.  A truck loaded front to back with fabulous treasures.  That may actually be more furniture than I currently have in my house right now… and believe me, we can’t move in my house so there’s a lot of it!

What antique show or fleas have you really enjoyed in the past?  I would love to make a trip to Brimfield, Bonanza and some of the other American ones one day.  The french fleas and Portobello Road are on my list as well.  I swear I came across a popular blog along my travels (I think maybe it was linked to Friday Flea Market?) that was actually organizing a trip to Italy to go to the open air markets.  Can you imagine?! The price was quite reasonable as well, but there is no way on God’s green earth I could talk Mr. Pretties into funding a $2000+ trip across the world to bring more stuff home!




  1. I love the pics, thanks for sharing. Is this a sale or auction? Never been to it but I sure wouldn't mind, I think I may have to google that. Hubby and I have dreams of retirement that involve junkin all year and have sales a few times a year. We live in N. Ontario but hope to retire in S. Ontario...but thats a long ways away!!...we can all dream can't we???

  2. We are also dying to go to one of the big shows, FUN! maybe this coming spring!


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