Sunday, September 21, 2008

Do You Ever Want To Just Beat Yourself?

Me too. Like right this second. Followed by a swift and forceful beating for Mr. Pretties.

The Kijiji deal fell through because the new owner didn't want to pay for it until the end of next month... Uh... No... So Mr. Pretties had the brother-in-law come and haul it away to the scrap yard and we got $250 for it. Super.

Now, remember that Kijiji ad? That funny one? Yeah. I just had a call that a teacher from a mechanics school wanted to pay the full $1500 for it to use it as a class project and then sell the finished product to a student... frig me! And here I am 'Uh... sorry my husband sold it for scrap lastnight... but it's all good, we didn't need your $1500 anyway...'

1 comment:

  1. Boo!!! That sucks!?!?!? That would have been a good cause for the OOAK Buick too!!
    Oh least its gone!!


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